Kawempe Industrial Area,Kalule Zone, Plot 46 off Bombo road, P.O. Box 1765, Kampala-Uganda

Who we are

Delight Uganda Limited engages in production of fruits and processing of juices under the brand name of “CHEERS”.

About Delight (u) Ltd

Delight (U) Ltd is a private limited company, incorporated on the 30th October 1996 in the Republic of Uganda. The company has its headquarters at Kawempe industrial area Kampala, 8 km from the city center opposite Roko Construction Ltd. The company engages in production of fruits and processing of juices under the brand name of “CHEERS”.

The company does production of mainly Orchard fruits and seedlings (Mangoes, Guavas, Citrus, Coffee) on 20-acre of land in Senge Wakiso district with poultry structures of a 45,000 birds capacity, 1400 acres in Nwoya district and 20 acres in Tororo (KIDERA Demonstration Farm) with a poultry farm and nursery.. The fruits mainly feed into the processing plant in Kwempe with an output of 12,786 Liters of ready to drink juice and 13, 440 Liters of dilute to taste juice per day.
Our products target consumers in Uganda and neighboring countries especially South Sudan, DR Congo and Rwanda. We also engage in flour milling and poultry feed processing.

We also provide agribusiness support services to rural small holder farmers mainly in Nwoya, Tororo and Wakiso Districts with a long-term target of scaling up nationwide

Summary of our Core Business

  • Processing, packaging and distribution of soft drinks under the brand name “Cheers” in Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Passion, Blackcurrant and Apple flavors
  • Raising of high quality improvedfruit seedlings (Mangoes, Oranges, Lemon, Passion fruit and Guava etc)
  • Raising of Agro Forestry trees e.g. MeliaVolkensii Giant, AlbizziaCoriaria,Eucalyptus, Gravellia.
  • Provision of agribusiness advisory services.

Cooperate Social Responsibility

Delight (U) Ltd considers the community and contributes to different charity organization, Churches, Schools and Football Clubs around Uganda. We also participate in charity works and community development activities.

Our strategic positioning

The company has strategically positioned to excel in its engagement as outlined in its vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Vision: To be a leading provider of fruit products and promoter of modern agribusiness in Uganda

Mission: To promote agribusiness for a better livelihood and reduced poverty in Uganda

Strategic Objectives

  • Enhance agribusiness through engagement in production of crop and livestock enterprises particularly poultry and fruits
  • Promote value addition through engagement in fruit processing for juice production
  • Build capacity of agribusiness entrepreneurs for enhanced productivity and profitability.
  • Promote access to finance among small holder agribusiness entrepreneurs


Where to find us?

Kawempe Industrial Area,kalule Zone,
Plot 46 off Bombo road,
P.O.Box 1765,